Bones of War - Bone Battalion WW2 Tank Crew

I finally spent the time to present these WW2 assets that I made a while back. The goal of the project was to create a game-ready faction using a modular set of equipment to make multiple unique soldiers within a squad. I used dynamic bones to attach equipment to any spot on the models and allowed the walk cycle to drive the physics. I aimed for a mobile game aesthetic inspired by my favorite video game art styles; Team Fortress 2, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Battalion Wars, Company of Heros, and Battlefield Heros. I modeled, remeshed, unwrapped, textured, rigged, and rendered all the assets using Blender and Substance Painter. (including the logo)

The current project idea and approach for my presentation/logos is BONES OF WAR, a faction-collecting strategy game consisting of units from different generations of war. From WW2 tank crews to medieval knights in armor. BONE BATTALION is the first of many factions that will be explored with the personal goal of creating the next group of bones quicker, more modular, and with more experience. Hope you guys think this is cool and I'm excited to finally move on to the next project!